Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Should Know We're Interviewing For Your Position

We are still having trouble with Seth going to his classrooms at church and at his therapeutic preschool. And now that it's summer and his routine is all different, it's even worse. Routine change for even the most mildly autistic child=lots of emotional upset.

He loves school, he loves church. He's always quite happy when I arrive both places to pick him up, excitedly telling me about his time there. He's just having a hard time with drop off these days.

So Sunday morning at church when I was trying all of my "moves" to coax him into his classroom without either of us coming unglued at the seams (he was having none of it), he looked me square in the eye and said, "Church is for WORMS."

I have no idea.

Then when I finally peeled him off of me and convinced him (somewhat) to go on in, he turned to look at me one last time and said, "When you come to pick me up, you're fired."

I looked at his teacher's daughter, who had been helping me get him in the room, and said, "Fine with me. Someone else can have this job!"

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