Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jackie O!

My sister and I are a lot alike in many ways, but one way we very much differ is our taste in sunglasses.

For years, I have relentlessly made fun of her larger-than-life choices in eyewear, calling her "Jackie-O" and "Old Navy Lady" (remember those commercials with Carrie Donovan?)

Well, I guess the joke's been on me, because it seems my sister was way ahead of her time in the eyewear fashion area - just look at what's in style these days!

Anyway, I still can't wear those big honkin' glasses and still tease her every chance I get, because that's how we roll.

Last weekend I forgot to grab my glasses before we left to go somewhere, so I HAD to wear a pair of hers - and I felt like every person in every car we passed was snickering at me behind my back.

So she made me pose for a picture in them. Big sisters are mean.