Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my grandma's 89th birthday. She is one awesome chick. I grew up with her living just down the street, so I spent about as much time at her house as a I did my own. I could write an entire book about the memories I have of being there with her.

She has never spoken an unkind word to me, or treated me with anything less than the unconditional love she has for everyone in our family. She is also the reason I grew up in a Christian home, because my mom began attending her church (the church I grew up in) after my parents were married. She is more deeply rooted in her faith in God than anyone I've ever known.

She passed on to me my blue eyes, my blonde hair, my body type, and the laugh-so-hard-until-you-cry gene. I also apparently have a bit of her stubbornness (I don't really see that) and look exactly like she did when she was younger (I've never seen the photos myself). When I look down at my own hands, I see hers.

I will be amazingly lucky and blessed if, at 89, I'm as fun, clear-headed, independent, and sassy as she is today.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you all the way around the world, and back again!


  1. What an incredible gift we have been given in Grandma Addington! The memories of being with her are absolutely precious.

    I love the fact that our children have their own memories with Memaw.

    When my little ones arrive at Memaw's they immediately get the box of toys out. Isn't it funny seeing our younger kids play with the same toys that our teenagers played with? And how about the red cash register that WE played with?

    Some of my favorite memories:
    *staying with her when Mom and Dad took Doug to college
    *playing aggravation
    *climbing the clothes line pole
    *seeing your face when she told us she was cooking the Easter bunny in the pot on the stove (it sounds mean folks, but it really was a funny moment)
    *sitting in her living room as she gave each of us a gift from Guatemala after returning from a mission trip in the early 70's...if I had only known at that time that 3 of my precious children would be Guatemalan!
    *laughing, laughing, laughing until some of us cried, snorted, peed our pants, and who knows what else.
    She has taught us to laugh and love hasn't she?

    Thanks Grandma/Memaw, we sure do love you! :)

  2. We all could write a book about her! You two have fond memories of Grandma, as do I, but I also have a heart full of memories of her and Grandad. I practically lived at their house--it was like having two sets of parents all four of whom loved me in ordinary and remarkable ways. The fact that she has not just survived, but thrived in the 35+ years since being widowed is a testament to her resilience and faith.

    Since their house was halfway home from school, I usually only made it that far in the afternoon. Mom knew I was fixing something with Grandad or just hanging out having all sorts of adventures with the two of them, so she would call when supper was ready and tell them to send me home.

    I talked to her this afternoon to wish her "Happy Birthday!", and of course she was as happy and clever as always. I can't wait to see her next month.

    As I told her in the card I sent, not only has she made the world better by her presence, she has made each of us better by the intensity of her love for us. What an incredible gift indeed, to have been born and raised in her family!

  3. This dear woman has had more influence on my life than anyone...ever.I love her like a mother and she loves me like a daughter. I wish everyone could have a wonderful mother-in-law like her. She welcomed me into her family at the tender age of 16 and must have had dreadful thoughts of these two teen-agers getting married. But she never voiced anything but love. I've been married to her son for almost 47 years and she and I are joined at the hip. I am so blessed.