Tuesday, June 24, 2008


These two just have a bond.

I love having kids so far apart. :-)


  1. Reminds me a little of you and Doug. I will never forget how you curled up in my arms after we left Doug at college(no seat belts then) and cried your eyes out after begging him, " Please don't stay here, Doug" over and over. Sibling bonds are strong and last a lifetime.

  2. I remember that vividly. :-( I was so sad. Wasn't I Joel's age then?

    Thankfully, Doug did an awesome job of keeping that bond tight from so far away. That's why we're so close today!

  3. I obviously wasn't aware of the goings on in the car on the way back to Indiana, but I very well remember you sticking to me like a wet shirt everywhere I went while moving in to my dormitory. I guess it was more than the South Carolina September humidity! Amazing how images from over 25 years ago can be so vivid in your mind.

    I love the fact that the three of us are such good friends, and always have been. The Lord surely blessed us with a nurturing and joy-filled environment at home, where such strong sibling bonds are forged. So much laughter, so much fun, so much love.

    We really do have great parents!