Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Color Me Fudgy

I'm up late watching "Juno" and making fat-free brownies. Fat-free brownies. How good can they be?

So I added fat in the form of chopped walnuts. This serves two purposes. One - they are no longer fat free, which instantly makes me feel less crazy; and two - no one else in my family likes nuts in their brownies, which ensures that I'll have the whole pan to myself.


Update: Brownie Reviews: Even with nuts, Alexx wanted one. He says they taste like they have soap in them. Good. Now get away from my brownies.


  1. And WHY didn't you bring a little sample to ME? Your friend on the D-I-E-T???

  2. It could be that I'm a bad friend. Or it could be that I forgot.

    Which one do you believe most?