Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's See If This Works

This is my first time to try sending in a post from my Blackberry. If it works - lookout!

This morning I'm spending time with my favorite THREE-year-old. That's right! Reagan turns three today!

Happy Birthday, Roo. I can't imagine what we did before you!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Not This:

Remember the post Wanna Make a Bet from October? Let me refresh your memory. I stated that this winter I wouldn't be leaving the house - or even my pajamas - unless it was sunny and nice outside.

Today I am blissfully fulfulling that goal. It is a balmy 14 degrees outside; and though it is sunny, I am still choosing to hibernate like a grumpy bear. The only reason I have left the comfort of my bed with the heated mattress pad - which, by the way, makes me feel like a yummy toasted cheese sandwich at the point where the cheese is just starting to melt - is to switch laundry from the washer to dryer and eat lunch. (Well, and to get my boys off to school at 6 and 8am. BLEH!)

Heaven on earth!

If any of you have the desire to judge my hibernating winter goal, I issue this challenge. 1.) If you aren't local, first come and run errands in weather that is so cold that your boogers freeze before you even reach the Walmart greeter's irritatingly cheerful voice (or displaced snarl, depending on which location you frequent); and 2.) then come spend 10 minutes in this bed with this heated mattress pad. Then tell me how reckless my goals are.

Let he who is without snow cast the first stone.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well. Well. WELL.

She actually writes.

Writing has been something of a struggle lately. Okay. It's been brutally absent from my existence. I cannot explain why. It's just. not. coming. to. me. And that's just how it works with me. I don't sit down and decide to write something - something comes to me and I write it.

I've been frighteningly blank for months.

I'm praying the new year brings new thoughts. Thoughts that I want to be heard.

In Other News

I am having surgery in 24 days that will put me out of commission for awhile - a few weeks for recovery at least? We'll see. Unlike when I had foot surgery two years ago, this time my chest/lifting/both-arms mobility will be affected and limited for some time. Looking very much forward to the legal Vicodin high.

Is that wrong?

What I'm not so much looking forward to is relying on someone else to wash my hair . . . having lots and lots of incisions/stitches to deal with . . . not being able to drive for a few weeks . . . pain.

It's all good, though. I'll surely be as good as new by the time it starts to warm up and be spring. That's how I'm choosing to frame the situation.

Hmmm. What Else?

This is my sister and me. When we arrived at their house for four days of family Christmas chaos, we were hamming and taking pictures of ourselves together within minutes. There were at least 10 other people there that could have taken pictures of us together; but what fun would that be? There's nothing in this world like having a sister.

People say we look alike all the time. What?! Neither of us can see it. We sound exactly alike and have been known to fool our own husbands. Our poor Mom was never sure which of us it was on the phone before caller ID. We have many of the same mannerisms, and are shaped very much alike (she's slightly taller). But that's where it ends. She has thick, dark hair with curls/wave (straightened in this photo), darker eyes, creamy skin. I am blue-eyed with relatively straight, stringy hair and freckled skin that refuses to tan.

These are all of our kids (and our nephew, Daniel):

Joel, Gus, Marco, Alexx, Zack, Seth, Daniel, Ana Lucia, Katie

How the flip did all that happen? Wasn't I just 17 years old?