Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Not This:

Remember the post Wanna Make a Bet from October? Let me refresh your memory. I stated that this winter I wouldn't be leaving the house - or even my pajamas - unless it was sunny and nice outside.

Today I am blissfully fulfulling that goal. It is a balmy 14 degrees outside; and though it is sunny, I am still choosing to hibernate like a grumpy bear. The only reason I have left the comfort of my bed with the heated mattress pad - which, by the way, makes me feel like a yummy toasted cheese sandwich at the point where the cheese is just starting to melt - is to switch laundry from the washer to dryer and eat lunch. (Well, and to get my boys off to school at 6 and 8am. BLEH!)

Heaven on earth!

If any of you have the desire to judge my hibernating winter goal, I issue this challenge. 1.) If you aren't local, first come and run errands in weather that is so cold that your boogers freeze before you even reach the Walmart greeter's irritatingly cheerful voice (or displaced snarl, depending on which location you frequent); and 2.) then come spend 10 minutes in this bed with this heated mattress pad. Then tell me how reckless my goals are.

Let he who is without snow cast the first stone.


  1. It is 3:18 and I am still in my pajamas! Here in Cincinnati we had a snow day - sweet! I am supposed to be going to Victoria's Secret for the huge sale in a bit. I am wondering if it is simply TOO COLD to go. Really...are the items that sexy at Victoria's Secret? Oh, what to do...

  2. Okay sisters, Indiana and Ohio are not the only cold spots in this country. I have been home since just past noon on Saturday and the cooler containing five cream pies and a brick of Mark's chili has been on my screened porch since I unloaded the car (our freezer is full!). That is over five days and everything is still frozen. It's cold in North Carolina too!