Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wait For It, Wait For It ...

We are having trouble with our kitchen sink and faucet and need to replace them both. Our current sink is almond (bisque, whatever), and I want to keep it that way; and our faucet is the pull-out sprayer kind with a soap dispenser, and I want to keep it that way, as well (I'm not picky). But I'm cheap, well, frugal. Plus, finding great deals is a competitive sport for me.

So I've been trolling Craig's List for months waiting for someone to list my new sink and/or faucet for sale. No one is complying with my wishes. So last week I hopped over to ebay (I never get on ebay) to look. And what did I find?!?

Not only did I find my bisque cast iron sink, but it included the type of faucet I also want, AND it was local! Meant to be. We picked it up Sunday evening.

But here's the best part. Just for kicks (I have no life), I priced them out when I was at Menard's this morning for something else. The exact sink is $199 and the exact Delta faucet is $179.

Oh, sweet mother of all deals. We paid $47 for them.

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