Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

Thank you, Chandra, for sending me the link to Matt Harding's website. I don't know what he believes or what kind of person he is, but dang the guy gets around.

I love that he's been all over the world and no matter where he goes, he's doing the same thing and loving it. There really is a common thread among all humanity - even if this particular one is just fun, bad dancing.

Please scroll to the bottom of page to watch his 2008 video - and be sure and go to his website and read "About Matt" to learn what in the world this is all about.

As a side note - Joel has a very similar dance that he used to do to make the little ones (Seth, Gus, Marco, and Ana) crack up. The first thing I thought upon viewing Matt's video was, "Oh my gosh, that's Joel's dance!!"


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