Monday, June 16, 2008

Brought To You By The Almighty

Another great ending to an otherwise ordinary day.

We have some absolutely beautiful sunrises and sunsets viewable from our screened-in porch swing. Although we are in a suburban Indianapolis subdivision, we're on the outskirts of town and our property backs up to a crop field (this year we have corn growing back there). And let's face it, we're in Indiana, so wherever you are, you are but a stone's throw from a corn or soybean field.

I absolutely love taking in God's handiwork from my back deck and porch every day. It never gets old, and I always feel like I'm closest to God when watching the sky change from blue to orange, yellow, purple, pink, and yellow - all within minutes - the whole sky ablaze. I can almost hear it. To me, it's like He's reminding me, "I'm here." If I miss it one night, I feel cheated. And my family knows it.

Someone in our home almost nightly, as the sun is descending in the sky, announces, "Look what God did!" because that's our way of calling the rest to the porch for the sunset.

God is one awesome dude. Have you met him?

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