Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Town Crier and the Do-It-Yourselfer

Most of the time, Joel's super-human independence results in some kind of chaos or destruction of property around here, and Seth has learned that Sean and I usually react to his activities less than enthusiastically (ask me about the 2-ft. deep hole he dug a foot away from the electical box).

Joel hasn't yet convinced Seth that brothers stick together against the parents, thank goodness. When that day arrives - you might as well have us fitted for straight jackets and begin filling out the paperwork.

So Seth has taken the self-appointed position of Joel-monitor, quickly taking tattletale action when he sees fit - which is a lot of the time. A few minutes ago while in my room working on this very computer, Seth came running in, holding the camera (still in video-mode), and says, "Joel is cooking."

Yikes. However, my first question is, "Why do you have my camera?"

"Joel wanted me to video him cooking." Apparently Joel thinks it would be a good idea for the family to have footage of him setting the kitchen on fire.

Sure enough, he is in the kitchen making chocolate chip muffins. I am finally learning not to react in certain ways with Joel, because there is a fine line between squashing his enthusiasm and encouraging his independence in a positive way.

"Mmmm. Those will be good," and I took a picture. I really do love his I-can-do-anything nature. As long as nothing blows up.


  1. So Joel is home already? lol

    How did the muffins turn out?

  2. Excellent! They're gone! I hope he gets the urge to make more today.

    On second thought, he made quite a mess. Nevermind.