Monday, June 9, 2008

Fondue and Underwear

Hello, Monday morning! Y'all know I'm not a morning person, so why so chipper? Because it's actually 12:12 am (Sunday night, really). But you will read this Monday morning, so there you go. Besides, if I really wrote this in the morning (and on Monday, no less), it would be something much grumpier with a little bit of snarliness added for good measure. IHATEMORNINGS.

So tonight Seth was up pretty late because he fell asleep in the van and slept while we drove for about 45 minutes this evening. We were picking up a kitchen sink and faucet that I bought off of ebay for a STEAL, but I digress ...

When it was time to go to bed, Seth was not so tired. Sean told him to come downstairs and kiss me goodnight and come back upstairs. Of course, he came down and began drawing on a tablet of paper. Isn't that so much better of an idea?

Knowing that at some point, it would become obvious he hadn't returned to go to bed, he wrote this on his tablet:

"Pees not bee mad at Seth"

Bless his little disobedient heart! I'm so darn proud of the progress that he's made; I'm so proud that, right now at least, his learning isn't being compromised by his autism. I'm just, well, a proud mommy. Something like this moment makes the emotional upsets that have increased lately easier to take somehow. You take the bad with the good and move on. By the way, he also wrote a note that said, "I [heart] Mom." Now I must go weep.

But first something else.

Once a month, a group of girlfriends and I get together for girls' night at one of our homes. We kick the husbands and children out - or banish them to a whole other floor of the home, not to be seen or heard. We all grew up together and have ended up living pretty close to one another - except one, who loves us so much she drives an hour to see us. But we love her so much right back that we all drive up to her house when it's her turn to host. It's just a love fest.

Anyway, last month we decided to break the rules and actually go out for girls' night and went to the Melting Pot. Oh. My. Was it ever delicious.

Dama, April, Michelle, Lisa, Me

It was so good. If you look closely at my shirt - you can see my buttons popping because I ate so much.

And before I sign off, I must publicly acknowledge that my dear husband is totally awesome. After church today, I was not feeling great because I haven't been sleeping well for a few weeks and it has caught up with me. I slept from around 1:20 until almost 5pm! And when I got up, he totally knew where all the boys were.

Now that's a good man. And to make you more jealous? He's downstairs doing laundry right now. Now, granted, he said it's because he didn't have any clean underwear. I asked him why he needed underwear, anyway. I mean, he's just going to work - and he's just an assistant vice president. I mean, it's not like he's the vice president.

If he was, I'd totally make sure he had clean underwear.


  1. Holly, you crack me up ("it's not like he's the vice president...) LMBO.

    I got tears in my eyes seeing Seth's little note. How absolutely precious and amazing your son is! WTG little man!

  2. Nicky - you're so sweet! :-)

  3. As sisters, we are at times, two peas in a pod! My hubby does his own laundry (bad wife) too. He has been known to be up late the night before leaving on a business trip laundering such things as underwear as well.

    I felt convicted, sweet, or something a few weeks ago and threw in a load of Mark's work clothes. A bit later he walked upstairs with what looked like a HUGE spitwad in his hand. He proceeded to ask "Did you wash my work clothes?" "Uh, yeah, why?" To which he replied, "You washed my PAYCHECK". Well, that is the last time I am sweet and do his laundry!

    Love Seth's note. :)

  4. My girls...these two from a mom who LOVES to do laundry and irons the world!

    Seth's note just wrapped around Nana's heart!