Friday, June 27, 2008

BELIEVE In Yourself, My Son.

Following is a link to Alexx's senior high pastor's blog post a few days ago. The piece of art you will see is what Alexx drew last Sunday at youth group. I recognized my own son's work the instant I saw it (you can click on it for a close-up).

Alexx has been an amazing artist since he was around 5 years old and he just keeps getting better and better. I love the talent that God has given him, the only problem is - he doesn't see it. I guess really talented people often do not see what they can do as extraordinary, so it's a little frustrating. He could go so far with it, but it's like a $1 million treasure stuck away in the back of the attic right now.

Also - hearing your parents rave about something isn't exactly the catalyst that makes most teens take off on something ...

Here is a sketch he did of Eddie Van Halen recently - and we have tons more where that came from. My mom commissioned him to draw their house (my childhood home) for each of us for Christmas and it turned out beautifully. I don't think I have a scanned copy of that right now. I'll put that on my to-do list and post it at some point. (Don't hold your breath.)

We have no idea where this artistic skill came from - both Sean and I are talentless hacks.

So if you see Alexx sometime - encourage him to follow his talent. It is so rare that someone has something that makes them so happy and could be their career.

I pray that the Lord gets through to him on this one!

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  1. I have always been impressed with Alexx's artistic talent--probably more so because I am devoid of any ability to draw, paint, sculpt, etc., and such talent delights me.

    Reflecting on what you wrote in the Mom & Dad anniversary post about how much our children have prospered from the environment our parents created for us, I can't help but believe this blossoming of artistic ability has its roots there as well.

    Who knows how the younger group of grandkids will exhibit these talents, but the first generation certainly has been blessed.

    All four of them are gifted musicians. Alexx has long exhibited a keen eye and the ability to express what he sees on paper with his drawings. As you documented some time back, Katie is developing into quite a skilled photographer.

    I believe the fact that we were read to and encouraged to read opened up new worlds to our imagination. Mom & Dad also always encouraged us to try new things.

    The three of us have used our writing to express our creativity. Yet even more significantly than that, the three of us have in both subtle and overt ways passed on that environment in which creativity is encouraged, and our children are even more expressive and artistic than we could ever be.