Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gone, But Not Lost

I follow Steven Curtis Chapman's manager's blog, primarily now to follow how the family is doing after daughter Maria's tragic death. But truth be known, I follow it so as not to forget. I don't want to forget.

I don't want to only think of Steve and Mary Beth's heartache when it's convenient for me. Because if I forget about their pain and their heartache, I will forget to pray for them; and if I forget to pray for them, there is one less person in the world lifting up this family to God. And I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. We don't always hear the answer we want to, but I know God is there, taking in each word, each breath.

I now know of two other families who have lost children recently, both precious little boys, one four years old and one five. I cannot understand, and also know that I'm not supposed to. I can only pray and trust.

So now I lift up three families and pray that they push through and somehow come out the other side and continue to not only exist, but live again.

I wonder if Josiah, David, and Maria have crossed paths in heaven yet.

Jim (SCC's manager) has a quote on his blog today that is quite profound, so I must pass it on.

"Nothing is lost when you know its exact location. Maria is with Jesus."

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