Monday, June 2, 2008

And They Shall Live Out Their Days In Plastic Bags

We survived the fair. No, no, no, no. We rocked that joint. That's right.

Mickey Mouse airplanes? Did it. Four MPH race cars? Ruled 'em. Motorcycles that went in a circle and did wheelies? You so know it. The Zipper upside-down going round and round ride? Not so much. The swings that spun around and went nearly higher than the bank roof? Totally watched Joel (10) nearly hurl on 'em.

Fun was had by all. Seth (5) and his 5 and 6-year-old cousins, Marco and Gus, are three peas in a pod - much like their older counterparts were, who are now 15, 16, and 17 (and way too cool for the fair these days).

Let me just say right now that there is nothing in this world like growing up and sharing your life and memories with cousins. Nothing.

Gustavo, Seth, and Marco

To prepare to blend in during the event (that draws some interesting folks out of the woodwork, to say the least), we had our resident artist (Alexx) draw a tattoo on Uncle Mark (my sister's husband). He was more than game (he fits right in with this twisted family just fine), but he drew the line when we asked him to bust out a few of his teeth. Stick in the mud.

Lola and Butch (otherwise known as Aimee and Mark)

First there were the rides, probably held together with something like duct tape and silly putty and not having been inspected since 1975.

Then came the games, which each cost about the same as a nice dinner at Carrabba's, and netted some sweeeet prizes like tiny little stuffed animals and blow-up weapons.

Oh, but the jackpot came when Marco decided he wanted to try to win a fish, thus stirring up the whole gang into a frenzy of children who realized their entire short lives had been leading up to this very moment in which they had. to. leave. this. carnival. with. a. goldfish.

And we left with


And thank the Lord that we believe that all animals go to heaven, because two fish died last night, one died this morning, one died this afternoon.

The three that are left are huddled together in a fish bowl in our family room right now holding a prayer vigil hoping that none shall be taken before morning.

Wonderbread and pumpernickel

Peace out until next year.


  1. Love it! What a blast. It reminds me of our my own growing up with cousins stories! My favorite prize; a mirrored wall hanging with MEN AT WORK and the equally talented ZZ TOPP! OH yeah!
    Just be glad the 15 year olds didn't want to go because I wanted to run off with one of the ride operators!! Fairs get crazy when you're 15....or maybe that's just me!

  2. Holly, I love reading your blog. You write fantastically and make me feel like I am actually watching the events unfold.

    I will keep the three remaining fish in my prayers...

    I can attest to what Jen said, at 15 I too wanted to run off with one of the game operators at the fair. Ahhh to be young again.

    ---Nicky (no, I cannot remember my password at the moment, grrrr)

  3. What is the proper mourning period for goldfish won at the fair? I was sure the boys would wake up this morning begging to go to the pet store to purchase replacement goldfish. No requests yet...

    Cousin fun rocks!!!

    Lola (a.k.a. Aimee)