Friday, September 12, 2008

Too Much To Say!

I have lots of stuff to write about today - lots to say and little time to write it. So look for a couple more posts if time allows. But the most important today is this.

Please pray for my friends, and well, everyone of course, in the path of Hurricane Ike. The funny thing is, I'm not sitting here glad that we don't live in Houston anymore. Quite the opposite. It takes me back to when Houston flooded after Tropical Storm Allison. It was awful, but to be there and doing what you can to help other people felt like we were exactly where we were supposed to be. The flooding did not reach us, so we were fortunate and able to be on the helping side.

Right now I'm praying for my old neighborhood and good friends who still live there as well as anyone who will be affected by this storm.

Quite weirdly, wishing I was there. I still get homesick after 4 years back in Indiana.

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