Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sometimes Life Is Just Mean.

I would love to put my chin up and be the positive, chipper person that can stare life down and move on right now, but that ain't happenin'. Not today. Sorry! Those of you who tell me that you appreciate how real I am, that I don't try and sugar coat it? Well, today is your lucky day.

Problems and issues with the 17-year-old continue full throttle. The antibiotic I'm taking for my sinus infection is making me incredibly nauseous, my face and teeth continue to radiate with pain, and my leg is trying to adjust back to wearing a nearly 10-lb. boot again which results in cramps in my calf muscle. Sleep was not happening last night, so I'm running on fumes today.

On a good note - we had our first small group last night (us and three other couples from church). It was great! I think we're all going to mesh very well - that's how it felt, so I'm excited to start this new journey.

Okay - so I can't help but let some positivity come through. Seth is doing extremely well lately, and we're so proud of him. To put it most frankly, he is doing life very well - handling things, processing everyday situations, taking on challenges, pushing himself in new areas. It's as if the connections and bridges that we worked so hard for two years to manually build in his brain through so many thousands of hours of therapies are taking flight automatically. It's so exciting to watch! It's all beginning to click!

It's all still a daily struggle - but little by little, he is making it. Thank you, God!

So I'll end on that note so I'm not all Debbie Downer on y'all.

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  1. Presuming I get to ask God a question when I first go to heaven, it will not be, "what is the meaning of life", "who made you" or anything else philosophical. The question will be, "What's the deal with the sinus cavity?"

    Holly, you need one of these installed for your sinuses: