Sunday, September 28, 2008

&%$#(*& Fruit Flies!

I had a bunch of bananas that got too ripe, and there they were - a gazillion fruit flies that seemed to multiply by the second.

I'd heard to put out a saucer or bowl of apple cider vinegar to attract them, so that's what I did:

And they sat around the rim of the container like they were hanging out around the pool at a party. That really worked well. I had created for them an all-inclusive resort. Sandals for fruit flies.

So I went to where all good people go when they are in need of pest control.


I learned that I should do this:

Make a funnel with a piece of paper and put it into the mouth of a container with apple cider vinegar in it. The theory is that they will fly down through the funnel to get to the oh-so-delicious vinegar, but then not be able to make their way back out. Sounds lame. Except ...

It worked!

I love you, Internet. Thank you, Al Gore.


  1. At the McQ household, we endure the over ripe banana's for banana bread. The more ripe they are, the better the banana bread. I bring this up because you mentioned Al Gore and I was picturing him eating a big hunk of banana bread... all while surfing his internet... paying his electric bill online... with his carbon credits.

  2. LOLOLOLOL @ "Thank you Al Gore!"