Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hammock Love.

So we finally put up our hammock, but it took a few tries:

Sean felt like his rear-end grazing the ground was a little too low. Men are so picky. Once we got it up high enough, the kids thought it was awesome and played on it for nearly an hour once they discovered how not to flip right out of it.

Seth and his pseudo-sisters, the mini-Zipps:

Don't they look like three little peas in a pod?

I'm not feeling well, so I slipped away this evening without anyone noticing. My view from the hammock:
My big, fierce protector, ready to fend off any children intruding upon my peace:

Heidi, defender of all that is good and decent.


  1. I know where you live. If you ever look out your kitchen window and see a large foreign object in your prized hammock, it might just be me!

  2. ooooh, there is nothing better than to be wrapped in a quilt, reading a book (and then napping), and swinging in a hammock on a beautiful fall day.

    The preceding words were written from serious Saturday and Sunday afternoon experiences. ;)