Monday, September 15, 2008

I Guess It'll Be Okay ...

So I've been dreading summer ending, because we spend a lot of time outdoors and on our screened-in porch. However ...

One cool day and I'm ready to carve pumpkins and get my down comforter out! It's a chilly 67 degrees here in Indy today - I saw my first tree that is beginning to change from green to a vibrant, lively red, and I'm ready to make spiced apple cider and sit by the fire.

I'm not sure what Seth (5) thinks that it being "fall" means, but when he asked me if it was turning into fall this morning and I said, "Yes," he crumbled into a heap on the bathroom floor exclaiming, "Oh NO! I don't wanna DIE!"

Do you think my complaining about winter coming has rubbed off on him? Or is it the native Texan in him coming forth? Because when we lived in Houston and returned to Indiana for visits at Christmas, it did feel like we were going to die. Whatever it is, I fixed it with macaroni and cheese - at least temporarily.

I will begin moaning again when the leaves are gone and the colorless months of winter set in. These are the times that I sure miss living in a place that has nice weather all year long ...


  1. I CAME to Indiana for this weather! TRUST ME: you'd get bored of the constant sunny days and mid 50's in Vegas for "winter." Yuck! I want snow! And leaves and trees and green and hot coco and fires and snow boots. :-)

  2. I do not have Seth's dramatic flair, nor his aversion to fall (whatever that may be in his mind!). Autumn is in fact my favorite season.

    But I have to say, the whole winter thing just doesn't do it for me. I left Indiana 28 winters ago, and miss it not one bit.

    Of course there is an annual civil war in my family as my wife (born in Charlotte, NC) and my son (born in Columbia, SC) PRAY FOR SNOW!

    De gustibus non est disputandum!