Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Foot, Two Foot, Good Foot, Bum Foot

I love my feet. I don't at all want them to doubt that. But I'm quite disappointed in the left one. It's not at all living up to its potential. I know what it can do - just look at the right one!

I'm not sure if I haven't treated them equally or what. Perhaps I've not paid enough attention to the left one and it's jealous. Envy is such a green-eyed monster.

I returned to my foot doctor this afternoon after being back in the dork boot for two weeks. I now have to have an MRI on my bum foot. The x-rays are not showing the problem, so my doctor is not able to properly diagnose what is going on. I'm thinking he should just sit down and have a long, firm chat with it to straighten it out.

It could either be a soft-tissue problem or a deep bone break. Could I have really broken a bone in my foot clear back in the beginning of April and not had it looked at all this time? No wonder my foot's so mad at me. That's dang near abuse. Definitely neglect.

So I can ditch the dork boot and be in lots of pain and limp around or keep wearing it and be in less pain. What should I do?

The MRI will be scheduled for next week. We'll see what it says. In the mean time, I'm going to look at it as a really expensive way to get an hour and a half of uninterrupted quiet time where I am required to just lie still and not talk to anyone.

Do you think they'll serve me a cocktail?


  1. I think you have to keep wearing the boot. If not you amazing friends can't wear those cute shirts any more. Think of it as helping out their wardrobe. Hmmm margarita in a sippy cup sounds tempting.

  2. You are too funny... keep wearing the dork boot. I love my shirt and would love to show my support for you. :)

  3. You can definitely squeeze a margarita into a sippy cup.....that's what I've heard anyway!