Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Taking a break - can't think, can't write. Sinuses feel like my head will implode at any moment.

I have two dr. appointments tomorrow - one for my head, one for my foot. Ahhh, the foot. If he puts me back in the dork boot that just may send me right over the edge that I'm teetering on this week.

On a good note - some of you may know that I am on the steering committee for the TeenMOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group chartered through our church. This is our third year and tonight was the first meeting back since May.

We had a great time. I have such a heart for these young girls and the challenges they are and will be facing. I remember all too well how it all felt when Sean and I were struggling in college with a baby. This feels like it will be a good year.

Now to bed. I'd rather be lying down when my brain comes shooting out my eyeballs any second now.

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