Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely. Just Lovely.

Okay - two doctor appointments, two prescriptions and a bit of bad news later with one net result: my life is sucking right now.

I've got a raging sinus infection (thank you, Mrs. Zipps, for diagnosing me and telling me to go to the dr.). I have an apparent soft-tissue tear or sprain in my foot - nothing to do with my original foot surgery last year, but nonetheless, I'm back in the dork boot. If lying low with the dork boot on for two weeks doesn't do any good, then I have to have an MRI to specifically diagnose what soft-tissue damage has occurred and go from there.

Oh - and I got in trouble for waiting so long to go back to see him about my foot. I believe the words were, "You're smarter than that and you know better! I would expect that from a man - but not from you." Ouch. He compared me to a man. That may be even worse than putting me back in the boot for two weeks.

On a side note - Mrs. Zipps was put in a bigger dork boot yesterday for a host of things wrong with her ankle; thus proving the theory of what comes around goes around. She had a heyday last year when I was in the dork boot for 3+ months ... hmmmmm ...

Now we are twins. Photo forthcoming.

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