Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Oh My.

This woman is kick butt.

Stickin' it to Washington and the establishment, she's a woman after my own heart: parenting a whole gaggle of kids (teens and little ones at the same time) while running the state of Alaska, and being a special-needs mom on top of that.

This is exactly the same sort of reason why Seth has gotten so much from our school - the principal has a special needs son and he is ALWAYS advocating for Seth in our case conferences. Not only do I never need to ask for anything - he is always one step ahead of what I'm thinking.

Take that, on a national scale, and you've got what could happen with a special-needs mom in the White House. Unless she is just plain stupid (which she clearly isn't), she will see things and make decisions through a filter that I wish lawmakers would now.

McCain is one smart cookie. This election is finally getting interesting.

Now let's see what she can do.

Oh - and kudos to Obama for saying that the story surrounding Palin's 17-year-old pregnant daughter is "off limits" as is anything having to do with a candidate's family. That situation has nothing to do with who she is or what kind of job she would do in Washington. Guess what? Parents can do their absolute best, and their kids still make wrong decisions that everyone around them had hoped and prayed they wouldn't make. And I say that with experience from both ends.


  1. I must admit I was undecided on which way my vote was going to be cast. I was, and still am, pleased at having the opportunity to choose a black man for President or a woman for VP. I'll admit up front that I am not well-versed in politics.

    While there are still things I like about Barak and Michelle Obama, my decision was solidified last night upon listening to Sarah Palin. My vote goes for the McCain-Palin ticket.

    My husband asked me what I thought. In a word I responded, "the woman has balls". Crude, and probably not how she would want to be described, but I love her moxy!

    What do I love about her? She is the mother of 5 kids! From a fellow mother of 5 I can't help but love that fact. She has faith, and isn't afraid to proclaim it. She is proving that when unexpected circumstances affect a family you rally around, support, and show love more than ever. She is not ashamed of a special-needs child or a teen who is facing tough decisions. When times are tough you don't crumble or retreat. I believe that is an important quality in a leader. She appears to be a mixture of compassion, the desire to continue learning, the confidence to show what she knows and believes in, and the awesome ability to NOT BE intimidated. All are qualities I respect.

    You go girl!

    Now, if we could just get Cindy McCain to understand the REAL world...

    Off my rambling soapbox now...Sarah supporters unite!

  2. Watching Cindy McCain speak right now...maybe I'll turn out to like her a bit more than I did this morning.