Sunday, September 14, 2008

Keith Urban Rocks - Again!

What a great evening! Mrs. Zipps and I found out Thursday that her husband was getting us comped into the Keith Urban/Kenny Chesney, etc. concert at Lucas Oil Stadium!

First you must know that my cousin dragged me into this Keith Urban obsession in 2005, and I've since been to five of his concerts. I, in turn, dragged Mrs. Zipps into it with me and this is our 2nd KU concert together. Fabulous!

On a side note - we are BOTH in dork boots right now. What are the odds, right? The foot that I had surgery on last November was injured last spring, and my foot dr. is trying to fix it. Susan has a whole bunch of weird things wrong with the ligaments and tendons around her ankle, so that's what's going on with her.

We had so many people tonight at the concert commenting on and questioning us about both of us being in boots. What happened? Who kicked who? Now that's friendship! Some people seriously just pointed and talked about us! Well, we were glad we could be entertainment for so many this evening.

Dork boot twins

So we get there and our "connection" gives us the tickets outside, comments and laughs, of course, on the dork boot sisters, and then we're in. Not until we asked for directions to our seats did we find out that they were on the floor! Mr. Zipps' guy totally came through! We were on the right side of the "sandbar" (walk-out stage). Awesome.

Opening the roof

We had a great time - even with the extremely drunk guy sitting next to me that became my new best friend for the night:

Lucas Oil is a very nice stadium - and they opened the roof just before KU went on - very cool!

Here's some of "Raining on Sunday" if you're interested:

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