Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Kid Rocks.

As I've written about recently, Seth's had a few problems transitioning into summer from his school-year routine. He's been having a hard time with drop-off at his therapeutic school, and yesterday was no different.

Well, it was a "water day" - where the kids get to play outside with various fun water toys, sprinklers, pools, etc. Genius Mom forgot his backpack at home, which had the clothes he needed to change into after getting wet.

I knew that returning back with his clothes in the middle of his day would be a problem - I would likely have to peel him off of me to leave again. No matter how much I have to do this when he is going through rough patches, it never gets easier. I wasn't looking forward to it.

When I returned with his clothes, they were still outside playing and I had to pull into the parking lot right next to them - so there was no way I could sneak the backpack inside.

Of course he saw me. And just when I think I know how he will react to a situation, he sometimes pleasantly surprises me. Instead of wanting to go with me and coming undone when I began to leave, he quite non-chalantly yelled, "Bye, Mom! I'll see you later! I love you!" and promptly blew me a kiss. Bless this little boy - proving his doubting mama wrong.

I asked him to blow me another one so I could take a picture.

There's nothing in the world like watching those little birds find their wings and fly a little bit further away. Every day, a little progress.

Take THAT, autism.

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