Thursday, July 31, 2008

Providence. Here. Today.

Providence: noun - a manifestation of divine care or direction.

A little background. I homeschooled Alexx this past year (11th grade) after he continued to struggle at the high school because of his ADD and lack of support from every person I came in contact with there.

The short story is that I don't feel like I made a difference in his learning this past year. He was happy being homeschooled, but not much changed with regard to his outlook toward taking school seriously or his grades in general. I just didn't seem to make a dent. So I put him on the waiting list for an area charter school.

I hadn't heard from them on whether or not he had a spot and was needing to get cracking on planning his curriculum and daily schedule if we were going to homeschool this last year. In actuality, I was freaking out that I had so little time left to get it all together if he didn't get a spot.

This is where the providence that I so heartily believe in came in to play so obviously today. I was talking to my sister on the phone when it hit me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue: our phone number changed a few weeks ago. If they called to let us know he had a spot in the senior class, the number we gave them has been disconnected! I about came undone thinking that they may have given his spot away thinking we had moved or something. I called the school immediately and left our new number with the secretary.

A few minutes later, someone from the school called and laughed, saying he had just called the disconnected number 10 minutes before to tell us they had a spot for Alexx. He was trying to call us around the exact moment that it hit me that they had the wrong number!

I love when I can see so clearly God working in our life. I know He's there every minute, but when He throws me a bone every once in a while to say, "See? I AM here!" it just excites me like nothing else.

Also - tomorrow morning is the senior orientation, so the divine timing was impeccable.

I wasn't worried at all this summer over whether or not I would be homeschooling Alexx again this year. And that, in and of itself, is huge. I'm a major worrier - a super, overreacting, work-myself-into-a-frenzy worrier. But this, I wasn't stressing about at all. I had taken the stance that whatever is meant to be will happen. For once, I wasn't trying to drive the outcome. I was not weighing all of the what-ifs hour after hour. I have just been sitting back and letting whatever happens happen.

So I already felt God working in this situation, and today's events just cemented in my mind the fact that I'm not in control of any of this (or Alexx's ultimate outcome) at all. I just wish I'd gotten this through my head much earlier.

So this school year will be much, much different for all of us! Alexx will be in a new school. Joel will be in a new school (the Intermediate School), Seth will be in kindergarten instead of Early Childhood and will be attending afternoon instead of morning. Wow!

They say change is good. I'm hoping so!


  1. You are probably too young for this, but remember George Peppard's character on the A-Team televison show? His tag line was, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Of course he had script writers orchestrating his fictional plans. How amazing is it to be on the receiving end of a real plan coming together, orchestrated by none other than the sovereign Lord himself?!

    I believe you are too close to the situation and not enough time has passed for you to properly assess the value of last year's schooling for Alexx. If nothing else it reinforced to him how deeply committed you are to his growth and development as a young man.

  2. I am so happy this school came through for you. And, as for last year, you helped Alex just by accepting his ADD and helping. My son went to three high schools in 12 months. The third was a keeper-helped us realize that he did have ADD, and helped him learn that he was smart, despite his issues. He finished college in three and a half years.

  3. I just had realized I hadn't asked you for an update... and then read this!

    I'm so excited he got in!

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  5. Doug - I hope you're right! I'm not feeling too appreciated by him these days.

  6. Thank you for telling me that, Lee. Right now it's so frustrating (well, has been for years) that it's hard to try to look beyond this moment, this struggle. Thanks for pitching in some hope, here!

    People who don't deal with a child with ADD (or two in my instance) just don't understand the daily, no hourly, struggle. It's enough to make your head feel like exploding. On a GOOD day.

    Thanks again.