Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Have So Much To Say

So, so very much to say. But I am bone tired and all my muscles hurt (a whole other post on its own). Forgive me for taking the day off.

So for now, please enjoy these random photos of me and my people.

My parents and me

Half Seth, half Spiderman - so tired he couldn't make it to a bed (or even a couch?)

My cutie patootie husband in Cape Coral, FL last August

Alexx playing football on the beach in Charleston, SC last November

Seth, Papa, and Marco at the City Market in Charleston

Pirate Seth Sparrow

Pinata loot from cousin Gus's party

Seth riding his new bike.

Happy cousins Gus, Marco, and Seth

Joel and Katie being goofy leaving the moutains a few years back

A flower on one of my hibiscus trees

Hunter, our dog who died in January

Family beach time in Charleston, SC last November

Sean has always called Seth "boo boo"

Alone time on the beach in Charleston

The fabulous edited photos are courtesy of my niece, Katie. Thanks, girl!

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