Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Was Sure I Was A Dork No More.

Do you ever avoid saying something out loud, as if verbalizing it will make it more true? I do that. I have this freaky weird notion that I jinx myself by saying things that I'm thinking out loud. But I'm just gonna have to say it.

I'm pretty sure that I injured my foot a few months back - my foot that I had surgery on last November (and was healing very nicely). I'm pretty sure that the problem is not going to resolve itself. I'm pretty sure that I think I know the first thing my foot doctor is going to tell me to do. And this is the portion of the whole situation that I don't want to even think about. I'm pretty sure I will be back in my dork boot again.


To recap - I was in the dork boot from the second week of October until my surgery November 29th, on crutches for four weeks, and then back in the dork boot until the first of February. The healing was going slowly, but well.

During the third week of March, our dog at the time (a husky) got loose and I ran to get him (just in the neighbor's driveway), but did something bad to my foot, because I was limping again for several weeks and in pain. It got somewhat better over time, but it just felt like I'd been put back a few months in recovery.

Well, it's been four months since that happened, and it's not getting better. And I am so mad.

If I have to wear that dork boot again, I am going to bawl my eyes out. And no matter where you are located, I'm thinking that you may hear me wailing.

So if you hear something mentioned on the news about a woman in Noblesville, Indiana, attacking her doctor and then having a mental breakdown in his office, please come with bail money.

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  1. At least you're not alone in the "dork boot" world - now that Mama Zipp has one of her own! They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery........