Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Small Step for Seth, Another Giant Leap for Seth's Life

Today is a big, big day for Seth, though he doesn't realize it. It's his very last day at his therapeutic school.

He's made huge leaps during his time there, and we are all so incredibly proud of him! You just can't even believe how far he's come in the last couple of years since his autism diagnosis.

I cannot even say enough about that short window of opportunity before the age of five, while the little mind is still forming. Had we not worked as intensely as we have with him from the start, I cannot imagine who he would be today. When I look back at the screaming, non-verbal son I had three years ago, and then turn to talk to Seth today - the transformation is unbelievable. All who have been involved in his therapy are just as amazed. Early intervention is the key.

It breaks my heart (and makes me quite angry) when I hear about parents with a child who don't want to believe it when they are told their child is on the autism spectrum. They don't want to label them; they don't want to deal with it. MY LORD, they are losing valuable, precious time where every moment they could be gaining ground and pulling their child out! To me, it is no different than denying a child medical treatment for a broken bone.

But that is a whole other, very long post.

So today, Seth takes another great step in the right direction; and I will walk proudly beside him, even slightly behind him - letting him lead the way toward the more normal, five-year-old life that we strive for each day.


  1. Hooray for Seth - and for the whole Anderson clan! We are so proud of our precious nephen/cousin.

    Know that we are standing right along with you, from Cincinnati, as today is a day to celebrate the fruits of your commitment and daily (or even hourly) efforts.

    My hope is that someday Seth will fully realize that his life is so enriched by two awesome parents who have not been intimidated by a diagnosis but rather stared it down, looked it right in the face, and pursued avenues which indeed make a difference. Seth is one blessed boy.

    Celebrating victories today in Seth's honor - we love you!

    Uncle Mark, Aunt Aimee, Zack, Katie, Marco, Gustavo & Ana Lucia

  2. Way to go, Seth! You are abundantly blessed to have the family you have. We are cheering you all the way. Holly and Sean, you are amazing.

  3. Yes...they are amazing!!! I have witnessed and been a part of this heart-wrenching run and the Andersons deserve a lot of credit. My sister, who is principal of an elementary school wishes all parents of autistic children were as devoted as Holly and Sean.

    I am so very proud of them. These are the kind of people that deserve to be honored. And believe me, their reward will be great.