Thursday, July 3, 2008

Girls Will Be Girls

Last weekend three of my friends and I went to my sister's house in Cincinnati for a girls' weekend. We couldn't get away fast enough. Though what does it say about me when my girlfriends' kids were all sad and not wanting them to go with some of them crying, but when I left, my boys were like, "Don't let the door hit ya in the tail on the way out!"

So we swam and hung out poolside, ate, shopped, laughed and laughed and laughed, and slept with no kids anywhere near our beds and woke up when we wanted to. Sheer ecstasy.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Five women with no kids to come home to = five women who have absolutely no sense of time or space. Saturday morning we went to the new Ikea that is just three minutes from my sister's house and were there for almost five hours. Please don't ask me what in the world. None of us has any idea nor did we at the time. All we knew was that it just gave us something else to laugh our fool heads off about - because there were no husbands or kids at home wondering if they should call in a missing persons report.

We then turned around and went to Jungle Jim's - a huge international supermarket and planned to be there, oh, not longer than half an hour or so. Right. We were there for a couple of hours and found some of the nastiest stuff on earth. But people must eat it, or they wouldn't have it. Oh, and I can't just tell you about it, I'll have to show you. But I haven't uploaded the photos yet, soooooo - you'll have to stay in suspense at least another day.

Let me just set something straight right now. Anyone out there who thinks Christian women are boring or no fun haven't spent enough time with any Christian women.

We laughed until we cried so many times; we learned so much about one another that we didn't know; we discovered connections that we had in this small world that never would have been discovered in light conversation; we made fun of one another mercilessly. We floated on pool floats and talked about our walks with Christ in this world, where we are going, where we have been. And we ate guacamole, sushi, chocolate-covered strawberries, and brownie batter.

It doesn't take much to please and excite a group of women who rarely get away by themselves.

I'm so lucky to have the network of friends that I have. I've got friends who have known me forever (and can still stand me!), friends who I know through my boys, friends that I have lived next door to at one time or another, friends who I know through church. I'm so blessed because they enrich my life in so many different ways.

So here's to girls' weekend. I can't wait to go again!


  1. The sheer joy in these faces just comes shining through! I'm sooo happy for all of you to experience this. And when you find a group like this, let me tell you, they will love you through thick and thin.

  2. How excited am I to have made the blog!! It truly was so much fun and love that I got 2 new friends from it and grew my friendship with the 2 I already had. I can't wait til we do it again:) Laughing until my face hurts is one of my favorite pasttimes.