Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canine Binge

I am full of all kinds of crazy, and I've just realized that I think I passed this quality on to my kids - every single last one of them. "Just now?" you're thinking, "Just this day you've realized this absolutely obvious thing?"

And I'm thinking that my new dog, Heidi, is picking up some of it by association. I never noticed this until the last few days, but she doesn't seem to be complete in the morning until she's eaten a wad of grass and immediately puked it back up. It's lovely to watch.

Can dogs have eating disorders? Is she emotionally distraught? Did Oscar (the golden retriever next door), make some typically misguided male comment about her thighs? (They say they're just friends, but I'm not buying it.) Could it be that we sometimes call her "Piglet"?

If she starts locking herself in the bathroom after dinner, I'm calling the dog whisperer.


  1. i can not believe i just read this post...j/k

  2. Well, believe it, sista!


  3. Holly... You are too much!!!!