Sunday, July 13, 2008

Am I Sure My Three Boys Are Enough?

I had the wonderful pleasure of spending the afternoon with my girlfriend's sweet baby daughter, Julia, today. I could eat her up with a spoon, she is so sweet!

She is the giggliest little precious gift, this third child of my pal, Lesa.

Seth has been completely in love with her since the day she was born. The first time he saw her and held her he was so completely enamored with her that he began calling her my Julia.

In this one, Julia seems to be thinking, "Oh brother, more pictures?!"

Seth also thought that Julia's Bumbo seat was very comfortable.

How awesome it was not only to get my baby fix, but with a girl!

They came to pick her up way too soon, and I wasn't done oogling over her yet. So they need to go on a date again very soon so I can have my Julia back again. That's right my Julia, not Seth's.

Here's the little giggle box entertaining us: (don't forget to pause my website music to the left)

I'm so blessed to have friends who trust me to love their children in their absence.

Now, when can I have her back???

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