Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Small Town Fun

Growing up in a tiny town (Farmland, IN), there wasn't much to do, so we often made our own fun. Nana and Papa (my parents) only live an hour from us, so we spend a lot of time there. Since they still live in the same house that I grew up in, my kids are growing up discovering the fun of many of the same activities that I engaged in as a child.

Now there are quite a few things that I will never tell my boys about, some of which I'm sure they'll figure out on their own (but I'm not going to lead them to it). But some are just innocent fun, like what we showed Seth yesterday - putting coins on the railroad track for the trains to flatten, and then the subsequent quest to find where they were thrown afterwards.
Like I said, we made our own fun.
Aunt Mona, Seth, and Nana putting pennies on the track.

Since trains go through there every 15 minutes or so, it didn't take long to find the fruits of our labor:

Ahhh, we should all be such great parents and take our kids to play near the railroad tracks.


  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this...only because I've done it with my 5-year old too!!

    (PS - found your blog through the April Flowers website - I'm a lurker over there)

  2. Anywhere you live in this small town you can hear the trains. It is a real annoyance to adults. BUT... all the grandchildren have had their young years of excitement and their little faces plastered to the windows to catch a glimpse of THE TRAIN. Of course one has to graduate from 'window viewing' to putting pennies on the track. Don't you feel sorry for the city slickers who NEVER get to experience this?( wonder how many reading this are thinking...whatever!)

  3. Thanks for visiting, whatifer!

  4. Oh - and if I'm interpreting your name correctly, I'm a "whatifer" too! Drives my husband crazy.