Sunday, August 24, 2008

Was There Really Any Doubt?

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME is all I can say about my dudes in Third Day. They rocked! Switchfoot was good, but nothing compares to the best band ever. :-)

It was a great time of being surrounded by great Christian friends and just being totally filled with the spirit of God and all He has for us. I think I love Third Day so much because they speak to my heart so deeply with their lyrics - and Mac Powell's voice is just phenomenal. It's also another thing that Sean and I share - our love for their music.

With our four tickets it was Sean, my girlfriends Lesa and Susan (Mrs. Zipps to you all), and me. But we were surrounded by a group of people from our church, as well. And we ran into other people we also know from church who weren't seated near us.

God delivered a beautiful summer sunset (you know how important those are to me!) behind the stage, and - well, it all just felt perfect. Except for the $80 sodas.

Laughing and cracking up, relaxing, dancing, praising, just taking in the messages - some of my favorite ways to spend time!

And Sean was the dude with three ladies on his arm for the evening!

Our best attempt at trying to take a shot of ourselves!

I would be totally lost without those two precious friends in my life. They are great encouragers, good mamas for me to learn from, and insanely fun to be with! Between the three of us, we escaped 9 children ages almost 8 months, 19 months, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 10 and 17. I actually can't believe we stayed out of trouble. That must have been Sean's presence ...

Click on the Third Day photo in the sidebar to go to their website and hear their music, watch video of them and learn more about the band.

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