Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Last Hurrah.

We just had to do one last fun thing before school starts tomorrow, what with all of the chains and torture they'll have to endure from then until next May and all.

So the boys and I decided to throw a bunch of money down the drain and go to the State Fair. They offered to go ahead and deep fry us as we walked in the door, but we opted out.

The boys ingested all that my $35 would buy them which included these Dippin' Dots and mile-long piece of banana taffy:

The 2nd generation drummer of the family begs to differ:

I got a tiny little bite of the funnel cake before the vultures landed:

And you can't go to any fair without partaking in a lemon shake-up:

There just ain't nuthin' like sittin' on a curb throwin' back some good ol' fair food!

And we ended the day watching the sweet little baby pigs nurse. I LOVE PIGS. Most of you have no idea how serious I am about that statement. I will tell you about it. Someday.

And I will have you know that I had a grilled pork chop sandwich - and that's IT! I'm so proud, because the batter-fried pickles were just calling my name.

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