Friday, August 1, 2008

All Done! Now what do we do?

Sorry for the dark night photos . . .

Sean relaxing amidst the fruit of his labor. And yeah - here's my darling husband with the dog about whom he adamantly said before we brought her home, "If she jumps up on the couch anywhere near me, I'm making her get down."



  1. A much deserved rest from a job well done!

    So, where did the piano go?

  2. Never mind, I didn't see the piano in the first picture until looking more closely.

    The new floor really looks lovely!

  3. I love the colors in your home. So warm and inviting. The floor looks great. Good job, Sean and team. I haven't seen Sean since jr. high. He turned out all right. I can see why you are still hanging around with him. I loved your story about the charter school having a spot for Alexx. It's pretty cool knowing that of all the billions of people in the world, God actually knows you and loves you enough to send you little messages that are important in your life. Glad things are looking good!

  4. Thanks, all! Sometimes when everything around you seems so out of your control - it's nice to be able to accomplish something that you wanted to do, look at it and feel some sense of satisfaction in it.

    How utterly human of me! :-D

  5. Holly, looks awesome. Is Sean for hire?

  6. Well, Jodona, if he were, I think you might have to take a number!!