Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pea Brain

You know I love to cook and give it away. I'm the freaky mom who's always making things for my kids' teachers instead of giving them a perfectly nice and useful gift card. Or picture frame. Or whatever. Nope - I'm always shoving my food onto others.

I had planned on making my homemade bread braids for bus drivers, teachers, and therapists for my boys for the end of school. Well. Did you know that every 24 hours, it turns into a new day?? Who knew?

So time crept up on me and it hit me last night that today is Seth's (5) last day and not Thursday, so I had to scrap the bread. It takes too long to rise. Well, it does when you don't think about it until 8:00 at night. (Lesa, I know you're cringing right now because you know if I'd made it, you would've gotten some . . . soon, I promise.)

Muffins are easy to make, so I went to Meijer to get the ingredients, got everything home and started making them at about 10:00 (yes, I know) until I realized I only had two eggs. Two eggs for 30 jumbo muffins.

Sometimes I think I have one of those walnut-sized dinosaur brains and the rest of my skull is filled with all of the coffee I drink.

So I took all of my neighbor's eggs. But that's okay, because two days ago, she took all of my cocktail sauce. It's a strange relationship, but it works for us.

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