Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It feels soooo good.

So last night my friend, Cyndi, and I sat outside a local coffee shop after a meeting to make sure we didn't get home until after all of our little boys were securely tucked in bed by their fathers. (She has three boys, as well.) Is that wrong?

Anyway, we laughed and laughed until we cried. And then we laughed some more . . . and it felt so good. It's not that I haven't laughed that hard for awhile; on the contrary, it's just that it never gets old.

I. Love. To. Laugh. It's one of my favorite things to do. In fact, ask Sean what I've always said I want written on my gravestone. "She loved to laugh."

Then tonight I was at my friend, Lesa's, house and her daughter (my sweet, sweet Julia!) is almost 5 months old and just discovering her chuckle. I could've nibbled at her belly all night long just to keep hearing each fresh giggle roll out of her mouth, and I had to peel myself away from her and those delicious, schmushy cheeks to come home. (Though I suspect if I'd even hinted at it, Julia's bag would've been packed and in my van in record time to spend her first night away from home.)

I got the giggle gene from my grandma. When she gets going, she can't stop -- and I'm the same way. When I get started about something and can't stop laughing, the boys and Sean say, "There she goes!" And guess what -- I passed this on to Joel.

Have you ever thought about how close to one another on the emotional spectrum unbridled laughter and crying are? Think about it – how many times has your hysterical laughter given way to all-out tears pouring down your face? And sometimes (with more deeply troubled personalities, perhaps?) hysterical crying can slip into maniacal laughter.

That happens to you, too . . . right?


To sum up:

baby laughing=better
hysterical laughing=best
laughing until you pee your pants=maybe rein it back in a notch

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