Friday, May 16, 2008

Scalpel, please.

Ooooooh, I'm so proud of my littlest dude! With his autism, Seth (5) does not usually deal well at all with being "messed" with in terms of his body - cleaning scrapes, taking any kind of medicine, etc. His tolerance has increased immensely along with his progress, but it's still an issue.

So this evening when he found a rather large splinter in his toe (okay, more like a small log), I dreaded dealing with it - it was big and deep. And I'm pretty sure that when I looked at it closely, it was mocking me. I have a way of getting at splinters that involves several small household instruments, none of which Seth wanted near him.

I told him the splinter had to come out, but that it would be no where near as big of a deal as when he broke his arm clean through and had to have surgery on it last December. Though as I psyched myself up to start digging in his toe, I was thinking that morphine being pumped into him through an IV would be helpful during this crisis, as well. Or for me.

Well, what a great time for him to adopt the defiant "How wrong ye are, oh mother of mine" attitude so prevalent in his genes! He tolerated my digging, poking, pulling, and cutting better than I imagined he would, giggled at me a few times while I was working; and now he has a nice hole in his toe to show for his bravery.

Thank you, God, for something that shouldn't be a big deal actually not being a big deal for my sweet little dude who works so hard to overcome such benign things. Thank you.

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