Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Force To Be Reckoned With (in my own mind)

Did I ever tell you what a powerful influence I am on society? Well. Sit back and be impressed. Like Al Gore invented the Internet, I am responsible for bringing Starbucks bottled frappuccino to the Midwest.

(All me.)

It was the mid-90's and I was travelling all over for a client (I was an account executive for an ad agency). When I was in Seattle, I had the best drink I'd ever had (to date), which is pictured above.

When I returned home, I couldn't find them anywhere, so I called Starbucks customer service and found out that they were only available in a select few markets. I expressed my profound sadness over this, so she told me to give her my zip code and she would input a request for the product from my area.

Say no more. Every day I would call the Starbucks customer service line to request the product in my area. Only every time I called, I would give them a different zip code for somewhere around the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Voila.

I was buying bottled fraps at my local grocery within a few months. And I really believe it was all me.

I am telling you this because I have done it again. Well, me along with my neighbor, Susan. There is a very difficult intersection near our homes that is quite dangerous to get across when there is a lot of traffic. A little over a year ago, a traffic light was installed. And then they took it back down about a month later. What a great use of our tax dollars.

So Susan and I began to call about this. I don't know how many times she called, but I called quite a few times - and even got a little heated with them the last time I called after there was another accident at the intersection.

Sean called this morning on his way to work to let me know they are working on installing a traffic light there today.

All me.


  1. I used to tell Mom when you two were butting heads--a rather frequent occurence--that your tenacity (not the word she used in our discussions!) would one day serve you well.

    Think of how much you enjoy bottled Frappuccino next time you are going 'round and 'round with Joel. God made him that way for a reason!

  2. You go girl! Now, could you use your powers and get a free-standing Krispy Kreme over here! We can only buy them in a few grocery stores. There is nothing like walking into a Krispy Kreme and buying them freshly made. Yummmmm.

    Perhaps I should see if I could invest in one and ask for it to be placed right next to IKEA. You know, the new IKEA 3 miles from my house which you have yet to come and visit! ;)

    Your loving sister


    You do know that it is considered a sin here in North Carolina to drive by a Krispy Kreme without stopping when the hot sign is on.

    Not to rub it in or anything, but the boxed ones are no comparison to the ones hot off the line.

  4. I hate to break in my own blog here . . . but Shipley Donuts (local in TX) put Krispy Kreme's to SHAME.

  5. Tenacity....yep, you had plenty of that.Remember when I used to tell you, as a teenager,that you should be a lawyer because you always argued a point till all your opponents( usually ME)were dead. Do we wonder where Joel gets it? It will serve him well just as it has you