Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Brotherhood

My oldest and youngest sons are very much alike in many ways. Though they are 12 years apart in age (now 17 and 5), their personalities often mirror one another like twins.

When Seth was born, I worried that they wouldn't bond - that Alexx would simply ignore Seth.

Well, God has a way of taking care of these things, doesn't he? You know - these things that we think we're in control of?

It was clear from the beginning that these two had a special bond - even before Seth's personality began to develop, making it evident how much alike they actually are.

With Alexx inching ever closer to adulthood and flying from the nest, my worries resurfaced that once he leaves home, Seth will be too young to remember having Alexx around as a brother and that bond will be shattered - or at least diminished.

Since I began homeschooling Alexx last fall, with all of the ups and downs he and I have had hitting our groove this school year, one nice aspect of the arrangement bubbled to the surface that hadn't occurred to me beforehand. Now that he was home all day, he spent a great deal more time with Seth. And Seth has loved having his biggest brother all to himself.

The first thing Seth often says when he walks in the door at 11:30 from his Early Childhood preschool bus is, "Where's Alexx?" Oftentimes, Alexx will have lunch ready for Seth when he is making something for himself that he knows Seth likes.

I feel like this past school year with Alexx being homeschooled has helped solidify their relationship for when Alexx goes on his merry adult way.

The rest I leave up to prayer.

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