Monday, May 19, 2008

My Environmentally Conscious Boys.

Aunt Aimee is so cool; she totally gets the boy thing. Perhaps because she has three of her own, as well?

Anyway, she's the hero today because not only did she get Joel (10) and Seth (5) shirts for their birthdays (both were in April) that are right up their alley, but she sent them in the mail.

Do you remember how nothing in the world was more awesome when you were little than getting mail? And a box at that!

So she's apparently trying to turn my kids into little tree-hugging junior Al Gores, but she missed the mark a little bit.

Save Energy - wear a dirty shirt
Save Gas - toot in a jar
Thanks, Aunt Aimee! You so totally rock!


  1. Love those shirts! Where did Aunt Aimee get them?

  2. Yeah - Aunt Aimee is sooo cool! The boys got their birthday present in MAY...not April. Loser aunt.

    Now to reveal just how cheap I am - actually I prefer to think of myself as a smart shopper - the shirts are from Wal-Mart. ;)

  3. I want an Aunt Aimee!!