Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Now Return You To Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming

It's been a lackluster week. The blogging lull was but a symptom of a bigger issue: The Zipps were on vacation all week and life just wasn't the same. With my neighborly partner in crime missing in action for SIX days, I was forced to do things like repaint trim, catch up on my laundry, and vent my frustrations out to my dog.

Now don't get me wrong. I've got several good, awesome friends who I can (and do) go to any time for support, fun, great conversation, or whatever one of us needs. But being 30 feet away, Mrs. Zipps gets the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I can throw at her. When I don't have two seconds to call any of my other friends or an hour to visit with them, it's Susan who seems to pop in my door at just the right time. I can sit in the recliner in their living room in my pajamas after all the kids have gone to bed and cry about my day.

Sean sulked around because he didn't have Brian to play with all week long; not to mention how massively bummed Seth is when his pseudo-sisters are gone. Talk about hard to live with. Oh. My.

So life is back in order. The Zipps are home. The Andersons are happy and all is right with our world.

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