Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's V Day.

Today is an important day for our country. I do not vote Democrat. I do not vote Republican. I do not vote Libertarian . . . or Green . . . or independent. I vote Christian. That is what my identity is based on, it is who I am and dictates how I see and do things even more than the fact that I am a woman, or a mother, or a special-needs mother, or a really stubborn, outspoken, feisty person who irritates people with my opinions.

I base my vote on, to the best of my knowledge, how much a person's beliefs align with my own - based on previous voting records, their history on the issues, their own experience in what they profess to speak intelligently on, who they will take money from to advance their campaigns, and the beliefs of who they themselves have aligned themselves with in the past as well as the present.

Simply put, I want someone in office who has demonstrated through previous actions and experiences that he or she will lead this country following (as closely as possible) the beliefs that I hold steadfastly true myself - regardless of race, political party, age, or coffee preference.

So don't forget to vote - and then go get your free coffee at Starbucks!

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