Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our family uses humor to trudge through most things that are challenging us. We joke, therefore we are.

If you can't laugh through things, then you might as well just hang it all up.

We often chuckle through autism. Hey - this is the life God has handed us, and we handle it the best we can. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.

Yesterday morning was no exception. Seth (5) woke up completely off his rocker and stayed that way until he went to kindergarten after lunch. He was just mad at the world for some reason. He was angry at Joel (10) for being older than him. He was angry at Daddy because he had placed the Sorry game too high on a shelf at some point. He was mad at Alexx (17) for being gone when he woke up. None of these people were at home to shoulder the brunt of these accusations; I had the lovely pleasure of fielding all of these complaints by myself.

A couple of hours into this endless tirade of things gone horribly wrong in Seth's world, I called Sean at work to unload a little bit and told him that "Seth is unbelievably out of sorts this morning," to which Seth screamed, "QUIT NAME-CALLING ON ME!"

I told him I did not name-call, and he said, "YES YOU DID. You called me a HORSE!"

"NO - I said you were out of sorts."


The fervor with which he said it made it all the more hilarious. I had to contain my laughter, though, because I believe that would have pushed him over the edge and made his head begin spinning around on his shoulders.

We can't have that.

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