Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buckle Your Seatbelts

Well, you all know I'm obviously disappointed in the turn-out of the election.

I am, though, proud that we are now in a time when the majority of Americans will elect a president across racial lines. That says a lot about how far our nation has come in that respect. We have, indeed, headed in the right direction as far as that is concerned.

I am not proud of the fact that we are also in a time when the majority of Americans will elect a president with such apparently sketchy values with respect to many biblical issues. And I am not talking about any mistake the man may have made in his youth. I am referring to what he is promising to do while in office and the direction in which his "HOPE" wants to take us.

More jobs are going to be lost because businesses that can hardly pay their employees' salaries now will be forced to let them go when their taxes are increased.

More potential lives are going to be seen as being conceived at inconvenient times and snuffed out with no parental consent to do so if the girl is underage. This opens up a whole new way of thinking for people who would have otherwise thought twice before taking risks that they shouldn't in the first place.

And before you call me judgmental, let's remember that I was one of those people taking risks they shouldn't be not so many years ago and have an almost-18-year-old son to prove it. But he wasn't an inconvenience or a mistake or just "made at the wrong time," he was our son from the moment he was conceived. You'd better be ready to be a parent if you're going to have sex. That's how babies are made.

We won't even talk here about the facet of this that covers those who decide not to have their children because they aren't perfectly healthy. I'll bet my autistic son or my friends' son with Down Syndrome will have something to say about that someday. Right to choose life or death? No - that is God's job.

People who have worked hard to get where they are will be forced to foot the bill for those who have decided that jobs are for other people. Why work when the guy next door does and he'll be taxed to cover me, who chooses not to? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

And marriage? The definition of marriage is the union of a man and woman in holy matrimony. This is not an anti-gay statement. It is a fact. I have gay friends, and if they want to live in some type of union, go for it - it's not my life. But don't decide that the way something has been defined for centuries is suddenly not encompassing what you would like for it to, so you set out to change it. Make your own definition and fight for that.

I am reminded of Bill Clinton challenging what the definition of "is" is - remember that? How come a huge following of husbands committing adultery didn't jump on the bandwagon and try to change how we all view what the actual definition of "sexual relations" is and whether or not having oral sex with another woman does or does not mean you have, in fact, had sex? Why didn't anyone try to change divorce laws to fit this new definition?

And by the way - do you think it is any coincidence that the generation that has grown up in the wake of that incident sees oral sex as little more than kissing? Connect the dots people, and then try to imagine what picture you will see in 10 years with the agenda that will be on the table in the next oval office.

Biblical values do not change; people deciding whether or not to follow them do, which in turn changes the culture in which we live and raise our children . . . and they raise theirs.

This is a slippery slope that I wish we were not teetering on the edge of. But God is sovereign, and His will will be done - one way or another. I was just praying there would be more compliance on our end. I'm imagining He is up there thinking, "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way; but we're gonna do it." I believe we've just elected to do it the hard way.

You're darn right - there's gonna be change. This country is definitely about to see a lot of change.

And we asked for it.


  1. Oh Holly- you wrote exaclty what I'm feeling. YUCK! hopefully we can deal with this for 4 years and then try again.....

  2. I loved loved loved this... very true. Very well put!!!

  3. It will be interesting to see what people say here. If it were an e-mail, I would get it, right Amanda?? LOL!

  4. I'm disappointed too! ...MEGA. I just hope that america will learn from this mistake! And I agree, this blog was very, very well put =]

  5. Well said, Holly!!!

    (from Shannon R. - Pearls group)

  6. I have read this three or four times, and each time chose not to respond because I do not like to discuss politics, but I believe the issues raised (and the ones not discussed) go much deeper than politics.

    I am actually quite hopeful as a result of this election. First, I believe the very fact of electing Barack Obama has overnight elevated our standing in the world community. Our moral capital has plummeted the past five years, and this single choice has shown that as a nation we can rein in some of the "do as I say, not as I do" attitude that has marred our international relations lately.

    Second, this is a remarkable step toward much-needed healing in our nation. The fact that it has taken this long is shameful, but that we can elect a man to be our President who less than 150 years ago would have been considered real property, not fully human, is a change to be embraced and celebrated. Maybe I feel it more keenly because I left predominantly white east central Indiana nearly 30 years ago, and now live in a community where I am a racial minority, but the magnitude of this shift is enormous--the culmination of years of suffering, tears, and hard work to attain equal recognition and status. The Scripture says a lot about release from oppression, and I believe this election, on this one issue near to God's heart, moves us as a culture closer to biblical faithfulness.

    Third, although I disagree with Barack Obama on significant policy matters, I believe he has the temperament, the intelligence, and the deliberate approach to issues that our country needs at this particular moment in history to build consensus and move us forward.

    In the 28 years I have been voting for a President I have never been completely satisfied with the choices before me, or the man elected. Nonetheless, my Lord calls me to submit to the governing authorities (Romans 13--written about a government more oppressive of faith and tolerant of moral decadence than anything we now experience), and pray for them that we may live in peace and pursue godliness (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

  7. Holly, I LOVE what your brother said!!! He so eloquently put into words my thoughts and feelings. Thanks Doug! :-)

  8. I haven't been around reading in a few weeks, heck maybe more than a few, just been busy.

    I just read this and was a little sad while doing so. Not because I am sad of who we, as a nation, elected. I am sad that many of those who did not vote for Obama are ready and waiting for him to fail. Obama has a lot of good ideas, and some that aren't so great. But he is an intelligent person, and I believe he will be a good leader.

    I just wish everyone would give him a chance to lead. Let's see what he's got, what he's going to do and how he's going to do it, before we criticize, doubt, and already decide he won't get our vote in four years. He may just surprise us all...

    Like you said, and those who believe should agree, God has a plan. Apparently his plan is to have Obama at the helm, at least for the next four years. If HE'S willing to give him a chance, shouldn't everyone else?

    Granted, the above statement is coming from someone who isn't sure where she stands on the religion front, so take it as you will.

    And even though you voted for McCain, I still LOVE YA! ;o)

  9. Nick - as he has been elected, he is now in my prayers. You are very right - God has a plan and Obama is part of that.

    I hope more than anyone that I'm wrong about where the country is headed!

    HUGS to ya!