Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Still.

When we think of bravery versus cowardice, action versus inaction is often at the heart of issue. Doing little or nothing in the face of something that looms larger than we are is usually deemed cowardly. And to be perfectly honest, it often is.

However, this morning as I was reading in Exodus about Moses versus the Pharaoh of Egypt, the devotion in my Bible that went along with it talked about God being a fighter and working on our behalf. We have the ultimate defender fighting for us; and here is what it said:

"Be brave enough to be still."

The first thing that struck me about this concept was in regards to having two special needs kids. In the daily faces of autism and childhood mood disorder, in all honesty, my first instinct is sometimes to want to run. Turn tail and run.

But I know that God wants me to stand still and face it. And I can do that knowing that he is a fighter and he will fight on my behalf. He'll fight the demons inside my head and heart telling me to lay down and cry. He will fight the enemy working to chip away at my confidence as the mother of these boys. He will stand by me and in front of me, if need be, to ward off those feelings of self-doubt in this role I have been placed.

And I will do my best to be brave enough to stand still and not run and hide. I am not alone in this.

We are not alone in this.

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