Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow. The blog's been a little photo-heavy lately. I'm going to go with some words today.

Here's my Top Ten Favorite things to eat that I shouldn't:

10. Fried Pickles. Sonic sometimes has these on their menu and it's hard to resist the quick drive-in for a fix. Dip 'em in ranch dressing and none of your problems seem to matter anymore.

9. Tiramisu. This traditional Italian dessert isn't too rich, has the slightest taste of coffee, the slightest taste of chocolate, and the grand taste of cream. YUM!

8. Gravy. Anything tastes better covered in gravy. When I was little I would eat bread smothered in gravy. I. LOVE. GRAVY. Gravy on chicken, gravy on mashed potatoes, gravy on gravy.

7. Lesa's Toffee. My friend, Lesa, makes the best toffee in the world. I'm not a big chocolate or sweet eater, but this stuff is amazing. Double-decked with Ghiradelli chocolate and almonds on the top and the bottom, it is pure velvety butterific love.

6. Homemade ranch dressing. There is absolutely no substitute. We are ranch snobs in our family, and you will never find bottled ranch in this house. But, of course, it has full-fat mayonnaise in it; and making it with light mayo is like taking a lukewarm, 5-minute bath. What's the point? I'd rather go without.

5. Bacon. Need I say more? Jim Gaffigan says it best:

4. Bacon-wrapped smokies. Speaking of bacon; take a fattening piece of bacon, wrap it around an even more fattening smoky link. Sprinkle it with brown sugar and bake it. Oh. My. Heaven. On. A. Cookie. Sheet.

3. Shrimp Scampi. Take a perfectly healthy food like shrimp and completely drown it in butter, oil, and garlic; and then take it to the edge of reason by serving it over pasta. Wahoo! Now that's what I call gratification.

2. Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies. It's Girl Scout cookie time again! My favorite time of year because the delivery of the cookies often coincides with the week of my birthday making the fact that I'm aging a completely fun and acceptable fact of life. If I have to get older, I'm goin' down with a fist full of Thin Mints! Keep 'em in the freezer hidden from the kids and pop a few in after a long, hard day.

1. Full-leaded Starbucks Cafe Mocha. I'm not talking the wimpy mocha that I order each time I'm there (non-fat with half the chocolate and half the whipped cream). I'm saying go for the gusto just once. Grande Cafe Mocha with whip. You'll be almost tripling your Weight Watchers points, but your pleasure quotient will soooaaaar.

What are some of your bad favorites? Maybe I'll adopt some new ones.

This entire post is so hypocritical since I'm on a weight-loss challenge and have lost 16 pounds so far.

It's fun to dream.


  1. Fried *anything* with Gravy

  2. I agree with you on the fried pickles. Oh My. Goodness. A plate of these make the world's troubles go away.

    I'm also a sucker for sourdough bread. with lots and lots of real sweet cream butter. heaven.

  3. That's what Alexx is eating for breakfast right now! (sourdough toast).

    And I forgot one! Auntie Anne's original pretzel WITH butter. MMMMMMMM! You can save a few WW pts. by getting the stix - still taste mighty good, just less.

  4. Me too! All of it.

    I can't believe you are the parents of an adult. How did that happen?