Thursday, January 22, 2009

Much Needed. Much Appreciated.

Tonight I have girls' night. Thank goodness.

These are girlfriends who I grew up with - friends who have known me since we were little. Two of them were my partners in crime clear back in elementary school, sunday school, and church camp. One of them has been my friend since the month we were born 11 days apart.

We meet a lot of people over the course of our lives - people who know us from the season of life we are in at that time. A very few of them see us through many seasons. Then there are those who have seen every inch of our personalities, every dumb mistake we have made, every victory we have seen. And they are still here.

They knew me when I had State Fair Hair, wore my jeans tucked into my socks, and sported blue mascara. And they are still here.

We all do very different things with our days, live very different lives, have very different children at very different ages, have different views on faith. But they still listen to me, I still listen to them; we laugh and vent, have fun and care.

And they are still here.

(Photo courtesy of my niece, Katie.)